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The evocative nature of the place, the enchanted atmosphere, mysticism seems to extend everywhere. Stay in Umbria, land of simplicity and taste, spend a weekend in Umbria, experience the intensity of a passion that was born from the encounter with the historic sites and ancient dwellings.
The “Green Heart of Italy”, so it is called Umbria, a blessed land, a paradise where nature reigns radiant and enchanting unspoilt, a land where there is the mystical heart of our nation, confirmed by the words of St. Benedict, St. Clare and St. Francis.
The small Umbria is equally rich in hill villages, each of which encloses artistic and architectural treasures, historic homes and old houses where today you can stay breathing in the atmosphere of a bygone time. Speaking of the “historical center” for each of these countries is inadequate, being constrictive for the cultural, monumental and historical elements that are traceable everywhere. For a holiday of quiet walks in contact with nature and so much history, Umbria is the most suitable place.


The origin of Collazzone gets traced back to Attone or Azzone, who settled here favorite by the Dukes of Spoleto. Failed to protect the Duchy of Spoleto, the castle of Collazzone began to feel the pressure of the nearby Todi, who destroyed it in 1220.
In 1330, 500 knights and 8000 soldiers took refuge in the castle in order to make war on Todi. Recognized the lordship of Eugene IV, the castle was fortified by Malatesta and Giovan Paolo Baglioni, whose family ruled until, in 1647, it came under the administration of the Pope. The country still retains the ancient walls and narrow streets typical of a medieval village.
Among the major monuments is to remember the convent of San Lorenzo, once a Benedictine abbey, and the parish church dedicated to the same saint, which keeps inside a beautiful wooden Madonna with Child of the fourteenth century. Remarkable are also the church of St. Michael and the town hall.



From NORTH: from the A1 exit at Val di Chiana and follow the E45 past Perugia to the Ripabianca exit. Follow our signs.
From SOUTH: from the A1 exit at Orte and follow the E45 past Todi to the Ripabianca exit. Follow our signs.